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The International Life Cycle Academy is an association of internationally-recognized academics and academic institutions working in the field of life cycle-based sustainability assesment. The aim of ILCA is to promote the use and good practice of quantitative sustainability assessment worldwide through the fostering of theoretical and practical educational activities to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

The UNESCO Chair and ILCA signed a collaboration agreement in 2012 to work together to achieve this mission and ensure that an adequate number of well-educated life cycle assessment practitioners are available to satisfy the demand for well-informed decision-making. ESCI and the UNESCO Chair are founding members of ILCA.

ILCA’s members come from Japan, China, Canada, the United States of America, Denmark, Spain and South Africa, and participate in working groups for the development of course curriculum, educational materials and accreditation. More information on ILCA and its current course offerings are available on the Academy website: www.ilca.esDownload here the ILCA brochure.

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