R CICLEJOGUINA - Pilot test for the design, implementation and evaluation of a communication plan and waste management of toys with electrical and electronic components in schools




Environmental product communication




Fundació ECOTIC



"Environment award 2008” Universities category, for the coordination of "EcoJoguina/R-ciclejoguina" projects, given by the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya.


Of all the categories of electrical and electronic waste, toys (80% of which have such components) are the category from which less waste is selectively separated (only 0.5%), and end up by going to the general waste container. Within this project, we have coordinated the activity of two town halls, twenty-nine primary and secondary schools, communication and graphic arts specialists, the Solidancia association and social enterprise and the recycling company Electrorecycling. The objective of the project is to carry out a Pilot test of awareness and collection of used toys through schools. In the pilot test, the toys have been collected, repaired and reintroduced in the market via social channels and the non-usable parts, taken to an authorized manager. This pilot test has multiplied by four to five times the usual percentage of collection of these residues.


PartnersUNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF

Languages: Catalan, Spanish


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