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Intelligent Energy Europe, European Commission


Construction21: The European platform for green building practitioners is a European project funded by the Programme Intelligent Energy for Europe (2011-2013). It is an online multilingual platform, in English and also in 6 European countries (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Romania) that promote constructive solutions, products and innovations that allow real improvement in energy performance of buildings from a life cycle perspective via a comprehensive database of case studies and also a product database. It also facilitates and enhances dialogue and networking opportunities amongst key green building practitioner trough different thematic communities and a database for member registered at the platform. Construction21 also aims at spreading the Best Available Techniques and knowledge sharing within the construction sector through the use of the internet.

Construction21 delivers information seekers a cost free, information-rich knowledge sharing tool that is customized to the needs of the sustainable construction topic. It combines the best of both local and international sharing of best practices where practitioners can easily find construction ideas in climate zones similar to their own and be inspired by their peers.

For green building solution providers, Construction21 International provides an effective way to reach across borders to cross-pollinate ideas, technologies, products, and services. It is a powerful tool for European convergence and can pave the way toward a “European Building Performance Declaration” through transparent reporting; achieving the heretofore unachievable ability to explore actual performance across the continent.

Construction21 was created by a consortium of nine partners to speed up the building market’s transition towards sustainability. The project was selected within the call for proposals "Intelligent Energy for Europe" in 2010 and thus enjoyed strong support from the European Union during its first two years. Construction21 is also closely linked to Build UP, the European Website dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings. The two Websites exchange content and the most outstanding European case studies entered in Constrution21 database are also be visible on Build UP.


Parnters: French Institute for Energy Efficieny in Buildings (IFPEB, Francia, coordinador), Regional Association of Veneto's Chambers of Commerce (UCV, Italia), German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB, Alemania), Romania GREEN Building Council (Ro GBC, Rumanía), Vilnius Gediminas Techincal University (VGTU, Lituania), International Resources and Innovation Centre for Sustainable Development (CIRIDD, Francia), PE INTERNATIONAL GmbH (PE, Alemania), ANCE-Assocaition Nazionales Costruttori Edili (ANCE, Italia), Cátedra UNESCO de Ciclo de Vida y Cambio Climático (España).

Language: English (+ Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian and Lithuanian)

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