Dr. Lela Melon

Professional Activity

Dr. Lela Mélon is a renowned expert in EU corporate law and sustainability, recognized for her leadership in academia and consultancy. With a background in legal and economics, she has held prestigious positions such as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Pompeu Fabra University and recipient of the 2021 Emerging Sustainability Leader Award. Dr. Mélon's scholarly contributions include her groundbreaking work on policy coherence for sustainability and her book "Shareholder Primacy and Global Business" (Routledge 2018). She has also played a pivotal role in integrating sustainability into academic curricula and has lectured at esteemed institutions worldwide. As a senior sustainability consultant at msg global solutions, she collaborates with industry stakeholders to drive positive change. Driven by her passion for sustainability, Dr. Mélon continues to be a leading figure in advancing sustainable practices and policies globally.

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