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The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform was set up in May 2004 by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) to oversee implementation of the Action Plan for the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

The platform facilitates the exchange of a wide range of creative audiovisual content, encouraging the dissemination of information at international level as a tool for cultural expression and intercultural dialogue in order to promote the following items:

  • Creating a virtual space for online intercultural dialogue in which images and audiovisual works of all the cultures of the world can be visualised, thus contributing to the circulation of information and knowledge between countries and regions
  • Opening up audiovisual distribution circuits that are often closed to creators from countries that have not traditionally created audiovisual content
  • Offering an effective tool to producers of audiovisual content in developing countries to increase the visibility of their creative work and boost its presence at international level
  • Improving the quality of audiovisual content offered to audiences at local, national and international levels
  • Encouraging global encounters between directors, producers and distributors, among other actors involved in the process of audiovisual communication. In this sense, it works on two levels:
    • At an individual level, independent directors, producers and distributors can use this tool and promote their work themselves
    • At an institutional level, UNESCO and its partners can stimulate the distribution of platform materials with speakers, distribution networks, festivals, cultural institutions and other partners

The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform is currently managed by:

UNESCO Association in Igualada, Spain.
Carrer Sant Pau, 9. 08700 Igualada (Barcelona).
(+34) 692 563 907.

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